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best undereye creams

Best Under Eye Creams

I have never really had issues with my skin. It was low maintenance for most of my life and I think I took that for granted. I never spent money on any products because I never needed to. I remember my college roommate being surprised that I hadn’t started my anti-aging regime on my skin yet. But I had super oily skin and assumed that meant I was in the clear for awhile when it came to wrinkles. Duh.

After switching pills, moving to a new environment and aging in general, my skin changed. My once extremely oily skin is now patchy and sensitive. I noticed fine lines popping up, as she knew they would. haha! So I started taking care of my skin. The one problem area was around my eyes. 

I’ve been through tons of different type of under eye creams and I found three of my top FAVORITES. I use itCosmetics’ Bye Bye Under eye and Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Cream with Avocado regularly before bed, and then my Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream every morning. itCosmetics feels like a standard cream, not much scent it, but very moisturizing. It has never upset my skin and always nourishes. The Kiehl’s is so creamy. It takes a bit to soak in because of how thick it is, and is perfect for right before bedtime. Not my Origin’s is one of my FAVORITES. It gives you a little zap in the morning and you can feel is brightening up your under eyes automatically. I never go a day without it. 


best undereye creams

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