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PB Teen Gold Desk Accessories

As you know, we just moved into our new house. Our old 500 sq ft apartment didn’t really have space for an office. I was so excited when we moved into our new house because I finally had a space for my own desk! Working from home a few days a week, plus blogging, it is so important to have a little space to concentrate. Otherwise, I will work from my couch and never move. It’s so amazing how just a rug and some desk accessories can really transform the area. It was such an easy office makeover that I highly recommend investing!


PB Teen Gold Desk Accessories

I have to admit, before these items, all the stuff inside of them were scattered around my desk in piles and messes. It never really felt like I was mentally prepared for working because my office was in such a clutter. Having simple items like these desk organizers made all the difference. Such an easy way to help organize a space!

I’ve also ALWAYS said that a rug is the easiest and sure way to transform a space. I have a rug in ever single room in my home because it pulls together a look to perfection. Your office is no different. I didn’t even have a room in my office before this PB Teen stripes black and white rug. It goes perfectly with everything in the office that I just couldn’t resist. If you’re looking to makeover a space, try changing up or adding a rug first! 

PB Teen Makeover With Gold Accessories

PB Teen Makeover With Gold Accessories from PB Teen



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