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A LOT has changed over the past few months. If you haven’t notice I have been basically m.i.a. over on the blog and much quieter on social media. Between our recent home purchase in Raleigh, NC. and settling into a new town, I have been spending all my free time exploring the city and fixing up the house. 

I recently left my old job in D.C. that I was working remotely from home since December, and starting an entirely new adventure. While I will always hold my previous company and the close friends I’ve made, it was time to start a new journey in my new home. I began my new job working with Southern Bride and Groom Magazine at the end of March and could not be more excited about it! Not only does the timing seem so perfect with my own wedding on the brain, but using my creative drive to inspire other bride’s with their special day, I really couldn’t ask for a better position. PLUS the women I work with are so inspiring and kind that I really feel like I found the perfect place to settle into.

As I start to settle in and work on their blog, it really reminds me how much drive and passion I have for my personal blog too. While I don’t see myself going back to the 5 posts a week blog mentality for awhile, I am definitely not going to be a stranger. 

So get ready for some new style, lifestyle and definitely wedding content coming your way!

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  • cDs

    Congrats girl! Seems like everything is really falling into place for you. I was thinking… want to do a wedding linkup of some kind?
    x0x0 Caro