The Luxury Subscription Box You Need To Get Your Hands On

la soula jewelery worn by champagne and blue jeans a raleigh style blogger

Luxor Box

There are so many subscription boxes out there and new ones that pop up everyday. I think at this point I’ve had next to a two dozen different ones that I’ve tried or or had the opportunity to review for the blog. I’ve canceled all of them…. then a friend of mine reached out to see if I’d be interested in reviewing the Luxor Box. As their website says, each box is “filled with a selection of 4-9 high-end, unique and luxurious products.” I figured, why not give this luxury subscription box a try! 

Holy moly am I glad I did. This isn’t like the ones that arrive to your door with a dozen little sample size lotions that you never end up using. Yes, you will end up spending more on this box than many of the others. –BUT- Yes, you will also love each and every product in the box like you never thought was possible. It would make not only the perfect gift, but frankly the perfect “treat yo self” present for yourself, too! There is also a “petite” version so you can receive 2-4 out of the typical 5-9 products for  a lower price! Get your monthly membership here!

Luxor Box-1

Halcyon Days Antler Trellis Boxed Plates

I don’t really own very many “pretty” tableware items. My grandmother always had the prettiest things in her china cabinet and I remember as a child always wanting to eat my Christmas cookies on them! These pretty little plates from Halcyon Days are so delicate and gorgeous. I now see why my grandmother never let us kids in the china cabinet –  I’ll be guarding these too!

halcyon days luxury plates in Luxor Box

La Soula Jewelry

I am a huge jewelry girl. You can ask my poor fiancรฉ. However, I don’t usually ever wear anything thats too “too much.” If you know what I mean. I like simple, yet beautiful. These pieces from La Soula, both the cuff and ring, are just my cup of tea. They have delicate small diamonds on the surface and are just so darling! The best pieces of jewelry are the ones that you can’t stop staring at, and these are definitely those for me.

la soula jewelery worn by champagne and blue jeans a raleigh style blogger
la soula jewelery worn by champagne and blue jeans a raleigh style blogger

Jesse & Co Tassel Key Chain

While my fiancรฉ is driven nuts by my constantly adding large keychains to my keys because they are “too girly,” I am going to continue doing just that. This Jesse & Co tassel key chain is not only super stylish and totally my kind of accessory, it also makes it so easy to find my keys in my giant purse. It is woven with the finest Italian pink and platinum leather and you can feel just how amazing the leather is by how soft it is! 

Jesse and Co Keychain Tassle

Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer

This may be my favorite stuff in the box. I’ve been using this Mindful Skincare Exfoliating Moisturizer for the past few weeks now and it’s amazing. I use it at night because it has a warning about sun exposure while using it. The Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Avocado Oil works to eliminate damaged cells and smooths wrinkles while strengthening deeper layers of the skin. You can feel how deep this stuff gets by the tingles on the skin and the radiance you wake up to!

July Luxor Box-3

Each month a new box of goodies could arrive to your door! Become a member here!

Though this box was gifted to me, all opinions and views are completely my own! 

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