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Mimi Bag


Mimi Bag

I’m going to start out by saying how big of a fan I am of monthly subscriptions. I have tried them all in the past. But unfortunately I have given them all up because of disappointment. The products are small the price is high and amount I am left impressed is low. This is NOT the case for the MIMI Bag. Holy Moly do I love this service!

1.BaubleBar Earrings
2.Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask
3.OCC nail polish
4. trèStiQe Lip Crayon
5.VinoSource Creme Sorbet Hydration Sorbet
6. DermaStore Lip quench

February’s was cool I loved what was inside, but March…..March was AMAZING. I am in love with every product.

Mimi Bag

These BaubleBar 360 studs are absolutely stunning! They are so my style and their uniqueness cannot be denied!

Mimi Bag

I am a beauty addict. I will try just about anything if you tell me it will make me pretty. This Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask  is anything but ordinary. It’s a fabulous mask with Probiotics in it that makes your skin not feel like it’s being stripped away layer by layer. When it dries, you use the exfoliating beads to gentle rub off dead skin cells as you wash off the mask. I am so excited to share more on Tula in a week or so! This company is one of my new favorites!

Mimi Bag

I have a collection of nail polish that essentially just consists of two brands. I don’t usually go out of my comfort zone. So it’s always nice to be forced. This OCC nail polish is fabulous! I never would have picked this color for me and so being able to try it made me realize how much I love it. Bonus: It lasted super long before chipping!
Mimi Bag

This pretty little tool was such a suprise! The trèStiQe  lip crayon has a shiny balm on one end a matte pencil/crayon on the other! It is such a fun design to be able to just throw on tool for two uses in my purse! Plus the color is beautiful. 
Mimi Bag

I have been a fan of Caudalie for awhile now. I am addicted to their makeup removing oil! So I was stoked to be able to try another product. This is their VinoSource Creme Sorbet Hydration Sorbet. It goes on so creamy and smooth and you can really feel the hydration! Plus the smell is amazing!

Mimi Bag

Last but certainly not least, the DermaStore Lip quench. I love  a good lipgloss that I can keep on me for times of need. This color is brilliant and comes in so many shades! It goes on glossy and beautiful and doesn’t feel super sticky like some on the market. Mimi Bag

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