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Wedding Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

BabbleBox Wedding Necessities

Wedding Essentials

Being so deep into my wedding planning I was beyond stoked to receive the Babbleboxx filled with bridal and wedding essentials you never knew you needed! There are so many things that you don’t think about when you first get engaged that you will be needing to take care of in order to just get to the wedding day! It’s really a whirlwind type of an experience. It was so fun to get this box filled with things that I wouldn’t have even thought about and others that I really truly needed advice on! 

BabbleBox Wedding Necessities

Badgley Mischka

Firstly, if you don’t know the brand Badgley Mischka you must be living under a rock. They are the star of nearly ever adorable bridal footwear Pinterest photo! I have loved their sparkly shoes for so long and was SO excited to get to see their styles up close and personal in my box. The Jewel line is more of the classic wedding shoes, these sparkly wedges, Hunt, are perfect for any wedding party you have to attend. But my personal favorites are the Barre sneakers from the Badgley Mischka line! I never thought of myself as the girl who would wear sneakers under her gown, but these may have changed my mind!

BabbleBox Wedding Necessities
Badgley Miscka Bridal Sneakers

BabbleBox Wedding Necessities

William Arthur

One of the things I really haven’t figured out yet are invitations for my wedding. It was so fun to be able to see the William Arthur luxury wedding invitations. I’ve been pretty stressed about finding the right invitations for my wedding because I really think that it’s such an impression when someone opens the envelope, that you really want to choose the ones that fit you as a couple personally! These were absolutely stunning examples of what an invitation suite can be! From cityscapes to personalized monograms. I just loved them all! Enter promotion code “WABRIDAL20” at checkout on the William Arthur website given above for a 20% discount on your order.

Wedding Invitation Options
BabbleBox Wedding Necessities

Solitaire Blue Nile Diamon Champagne And Blue Jeans

Zola Registry


Zola is one of my FAVORITE wedding registries out there. They seriously have EVERYTHING. I do not say that lightly. I have added everything from forks and knives to wine of the month club and airbnb gift cards. It’s so fun to have such an array of gift ideas for people to choose from!

Alegnist Must HAve
BabbleBox Wedding Necessities

European Wax Center

I love getting waxes! My eyebrows are so important to be so that’s definitely something I always make a consious decision to continue to wax even if it can be a bit pricey! I feel so much more beautiful when my eyebrows are all done up, sue me! I am so excited to try out European Wax Center – I’ve heard amazing things and they have so many locations worldwide! I’ve tried the products they sent – the Smooth Me: Ingrown Hair Serum which clears and prevents unsightly bumps when used daily, it amazing! Goes on light and really works. The Renew Me: Restoring Serum feels so smooth a serum that restores and replenishes stressed skin while calming irritation and redness, so it’s perfect for after a wax or even a shave! Visit a EWC and use the code “Lindsay” which gives 20% off services and $5 off product for you and your bridal party!


Hanky Panky

I’ve heard of Hanky Panky for years but have never tried their products. I was shocked by how soft these lacey gals were! They have no panty line, which is crazy for a lace set. I was gifted the Mrs. Low Rise thong and its absolutely adorable! It’s also one size fits all and for that to be the case and fit so well, is insane!


I am always on the hunt for a good hydrating serum. They are great for your skin and keeping your makeup looking fresh! This Algenist spray you apply after your makeup is on and you can immediately feel your face drinking in the moisture. I’m super excited to continue using this to look in the moisture. I put my skin through so much that it’s nice to be able to treat it! Use coupon code: BABBLEBOX15 through the end of June (6/30) for 15% off site wide. 


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