5 Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Now

Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

I only recently started getting into podcasts and I can’t believe it took me so long. I am officially a convert to the pod life. I listen to them to and from work on my commutes in the car, at the gym, on planes, everywhere. I recently received the Sudio Sweden headphones and it makes my constant pod obsession so easy to keep up with. I can drown out the noise of the screaming children in the row behind me on a plane, or the grunting gentleman at the gym 10 feet away. They are bluetooth or able to be hooked up to a wire so they work amazingly with my iPhone 7 and my computer. Seriously obsessed with them. Sudio Sweden is giving 15% off with the code CHAMPAGNE to my followers too!  

You will probably notice that a majority of the podcasts I am pushing you to download have to do with educating yourself with the current state of the country, world, and people around us. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own life and forget that there are so many people suffering and don’t have the same luxury of forgetting the atrocities going on or the reality they are living. So give a listen to some of these and open your mind! (Yes – they are liberal and left.)

Pod Save America | Pod Save the People | Pod Save the World 

I am probably one of countless people who have been getting more and more involved and educated in the world and the United State’s issues in the recent years/months. It’s hard to ignore what is going on around us. But it’s also EXTREMELY difficult to filter out the noise of the media and really focus on the important issues at hand. All three of these podcasts help me do just that. Even though something ridiculous may be occurring, they will push their audience to remember the bigger picture and to not get side tracked but to focus on what we can do to make a change.  

Lovett or Leave it

This podcast is produced by the same media company and they are all intertwined but this one definitely gives you a breath of freshair with its comedic factor. It’s a panel setting and has aspects of it that makes listening to the monotony of horror that comes out of this current administration a little more easy to digest. 

Biden’s Briefing

I have always been and always will be a huge fan of Biden. Daily (weekdays), Joe Biden shares stories and articles that were of interest to him and has them narrated over the pod. They range from political to climate, to current events. It’s a bit hit or miss sometimes on how interested I am in them, but there are always subjects that I didn’t even think to read about and it’s so interesting to hear a short story on something new or important. 

The Bodcast

This is a new one I started listening to and am excited to see where it goes. The episodes are all about unconventional narratives that people are living with within their own bodies. It spans from weight to trans issues and everything in between. I’ve only listening to a few so far but being that I am pretty comfortable in my own skin, I find it so important to learn about those people who don’t have the same level of comfort and protection from the government that I do because of my “normal” status.

The Laptop Lifestyle

This podcast is hosted by a good friend of mine that I met through blogging, years and years ago. Alexis Teichmiller always inspires me with her words and I absolutely love listening to her podcasts with influencers, entrepreneurs, and other online digital personalities. She discusses how these people have handled day to day lives online, struggles, and what has inspired them in order to lend advice to her listeners.