Blue Jeans and White Tank Top

Lob Haircuts

My site launch has been pushed back a little longer than I expected, isn’t this always how these things go. But I thought I could give another little hint to go with my earlier post! It’s taken me awhile to grow into my own style and stop dressing for the people around me. I talk about it a lot on here, that I am a blue jeans girls, through and through. I would 100% rather wear a good pair of blue jeans than a dress or skirt. I rarely will be seen in bright colors or the typical summer dress, it’s just not what I am most comfortable in. It’s so important to dress for yourself. Plus…is there anything better than Blue Jeans and White Tank Top? I am so excited for my rebrand to fit this aspect of my life a little better. Sugar & Something has been a staple in my life for YEARS but it’s ready to transform as I have over that time.

Was that the lamest hint of all time? SORRY!

I cannot get over this double belt trend that is happening right now! I have been a big proponent of a statement belt for awhile now. My Nonni gave me an old vintage belt years ago that is my all time favorite statement belt, but is sadly falling apart and needs some TLC. My best friend has been eyeing this belt, so naturally I had a few too many glasses of wine one night and online shopped. Was quite surprised when it showed up a few days later. Thank you Malbec!