Defending The Cuffed Jeans

Lob Haircuts

I remember the first time I was taught to not cuff my jeans was during the movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (Random, I know!) I remember very vividly that it was one of the rules to wearing these pants that they agreed upon as a group. I didn’t agree with them then, but I went a long because I didn’t want to be the loser that cuffed her jeans and was made fun of…..

Now let’s jump….I don’t even know how many years later (10?) and I am here to say I am an avid jeans cuffer. Is that a verb? It is now. I want to come to the aid of those who are still on the fence about whether or not ‘cuffing jeans’ is cool. Well I think it is. I can honestly say that I cuff my jeans AT LEAST 90% of the time now a days. I cuff them with flats. I cuff them with heels. I cuff them with booties. You name it, I’ve cuffed it.

Now while researching this post I googled “To Cuff your Jeans or Not” The first page is basically only articles for men….That threw me a bit. But I did find this amazing article from PopSugar “How to Cuff Your Jeans” For all the cool trendy ways you could possibly cuff your jeans. (I am thinking follow up post soon!) I came into this just to write a funny and cute article about my love and defensiveness over my cuffed jeans, but am coming out of it with even more ways to cuff them! Below are my favorite two!