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The Perfect Little Maroon Dress

Maroon Slip Dress

I am finally getting my life together and pulling together my style posts from my time in Chicago for The Blog Societies conference. It was hot for most of the trip which I have become very accustomed to while living down south, so I knew dresses would be my best friend. I went budget this year instead of shelling out a bunch of money on clothes I’d only wear once and hit up Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, etc. This perfect little maroon slip dress was the perfect find. 


Now I am not usually one for ruffles. I definitely am a t-shirt and jeans girl and rarely wear anything with too much flip to it. (is that a thing?) But I saw the color of this dress and fell in LOVE. It not only was perfect for August but it will be amazing into Fall with a nice nude blazer or leather jacket over it. I can’t wait to break it out again! It’s soft and silky material made me feel super sexy but the structure of the dress kept it on the appropriate side for this type of setting. 

Photos by Jennifer (Thanks girl!)