Keep Your Head and Heels High

Lob Haircuts

I have been very skeptical about getting a pair of over the knee boots (OTK). I felt like they weren’t the classiest and I wasn’t sure how to dress them in a way that I was comfortable enough to roll around town in them.

But then I kept seeing them, over and over again. They were EVERYWHERE. So I decided to give it a go with these Steve Madden OTK boots. I wanted to give them a try with a dress before the weather got too chilly that I had to wait till the end of winter to get any use. (I am such a baby when it’s cold.) I paired them with a casual tshirt dress and layered it with chambray. (I have a chamray obsession) It was the perfect casual but cute outfit! I was on the fence about keeping these boots, but found out they are quite versatile! I have another more casual look coming up later this week!

So if you aren’t quite sure about them- order them here (AMAZING return policy) But it is definitely worth giving them a chance. They immediately elongate your legs and made me feel like a superstar!