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Keep Your Blonde From Getting Brassy

Keep Your Blonde HAir From Getting Brassy

Blonde Hair Don’t Care

I have a problem that many many people have. I dye my hair blonde, but it doesn’t seem to want to stay the cold, white, blonde of my dreams. In a few weeks, it ALWAYS turns brassy on me. It’s the most frustrating beauty problem on the planet. Years ago I was told about Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo when I first went platinum back in the day. I forgot about this magical product until recently when I saw it at the store and with the cheap pricetag, decided to give it a go. It’s like purple shampoo of the angels. So if you want to keep your blonde from getting brassy, look no further.


 Keep Your Blonde HAir From Getting Brassy

It will freak you out at first, because it’s VERY VERY purple. I leave it on for about 5 minutes, and use it probably every other shampoo. Don’t forget to rinse your shower, because it can stain the tub, I’ve been told. I’ve never had an issue with it not coming out of the tub or my fingertips. But might as well warn you, just in case. 


There are a bunch of similar products on the market at a more expensive price point that people have recommended. But I still haven’t found anything that works quite as well as this one. AND now they have a conditioner version, Lindsay is a very happy lady. I still mix in a little of my own conditioner too, since it’s still not the most moisturizing stuff though. TBH.


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