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So You Signed Up For Your First Triathlon…Now What?

Advice For Running Your First Triathlon

Advice For Running Your First Triathlon 

My fiancé is big into activities. He loves to run, bike, swim, camp, adventure, and everything in between. I’ve always been a runner but you can scratch most the other activities from my list. But as I’ve got older I’ve been finding more and more passion into getting my heart rate up and doing new things in life. Last year Josh got into triathlons and if you or your significant other are into the sport then you know, it takes up A LOT of time. During his training I would see him for dinner time and a quick minute over coffee, but really not much in between. He’d swim in the morning before work, then go for a long run after work, and disappear for 8 hours on a Saturday to bike. I realized that if I wanted to spend time with him, I may want to give this sport a tri (PUN INTENDED, HA!)

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