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Non traditional bridemaids

Nontraditional Bridesmaids

If you didn’t already know, I am in the midst of planning by wedding for March 2018. Now my day job may be surrounded by beautiful weddings, but planning one is not exactly my forte. Josh and I have never been the traditional kind of couple and to be honest, we always thought we would be the couple that eloped to some crazy place. Somehow we have found ourselves in the middle of planning a wedding though. CRAZY how that happens. 

Non traditional bridemaids

Even though we are having a semi “traditional” wedding, we still don’t want to loose ourselves in it. That is why we have decided on a few aspects that will keep it more “us.” That includes not having traditional bridal and grooms parties. While I have a maid of honor and he has a best man, that is all we are having. The idea of everyone in matching dresses and suits, walking down the aisle, was just too traditional of a thought to us. 

That didn’t mean that I didn’t want to have my best girl friends involved in my wedding. I have quite a few very close women in my life that are so important to me. Just because I don’t want to force them to buy a dress they will never wear again and walk down the aisle, does not mean I love them any less. That is why when I came across the idea of a “non-bridesmaid” I immediately jumped at the thought!

A non-bridesmaid:

  • Listens to me complain about how expensive weddings are.
  • Comes wedding dress shopping IF she wants .
  • Comes to the bachelorette party if she can.
  • Helps me get ready day-of (hint: this may involve drinking mimosas).
  • Joins in on candid wedding photos (no fake laughs necessary)

A non-bridesmaid does NOT:

  • Wear a matching dress with 9 other women that she’ll never wear again.
  • Get her hair or makeup done because – help me i’m poor!
  • Carries flowers – centerpieces are up for grabs though!
  • Stands up during the whole ceremony. You can sit in the front row, on the right side, on the left side, or in the back drinking champagne. 

My best friend/MOH is a genius when it comes to graphics and when I drafted what I wanted, she pulled together a beautiful graphic that I could send to all my girls. Her Etsy shop is here and she’d be happy to help with any idea you have!

Non traditional bridemaids

Non traditional bridemaids
Non traditional bridemaids-6

Non traditional bridemaids-8

Non traditional bridemaids
Non traditional bridemaids-11
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  • this is amazing! I am getting married next week and did something similar, albeit without your adorable designs ๐Ÿ™‚ I am only having my sisters/groom’s sisters as bridesmaids. I couldn’t imagine asking my girlfriends who all have to travel to the wedding, to then buy a $$ dress, and spend the day away from their husbands while on vacation without the kids. we have several events planned during the weekend for my girls, so we’ll spend plenty of time together. can’t wait to follow along with your wedding planning ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Such a cute idea, even the straws are adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Katie Lee

    This is seriously the cutest! You’re way ahead of me in the planning game but I’m almost thinking we’ll do something very similar! I don’t know if I’m down for the whole bridesmaid and groomsmen thing! Definitely bookmarking this to come back to!

  • This is a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought of it for my wedding (which is in 6 days!! ahhh!!) We did something sort of similar. We each ended up with only 2 in the party (MOH and 1 bridesmaid, and a BM and 1 groomsman) but then I invited all my other girlfriends to the bridal shower and bachelorette party.